Friday, July 27, 2012

Rock and Roll, baby!

I luv dressing like a rocker. I believe in constantly changing your style, so that you're never in a style rut. I like the fact that my style cannot be described in just one word, I'm not "classic", "retro", or "bohemian". I dress in a different genre everyday, but its always my own. It keeps my mind working, and it allows me to use my clothes in so many different ways that I'm never at a loss for an outfit.
A tough, all black outfit can be glam-ified with the addition of a pair of vibrantly coloured stilettos.
This outfit is particularly wearable because of the comfy tee and the fun coloured leather jacket.
A sassy tank + a hot body-con skirt + funky accessories= Feminine Rocker
I LUV this outfit! Its something that I would totally wear to school, especially since I'm taking only art classes this fall, and an eclectic look is totally fitting.
This outfit is inspired by the classic James Dean, greaser look. To make the look more modern, I replaced the plain white T with a printed one, and added cute heart earrings, which also aid in making it more feminine.

My outfit today:
Today I want to wear something both funky and girly. I really couldn't resist putting the raven in this collage ;).

My outfit's details:
Purple jeans: Bought at Ross or Marshall's years and years ago.
Black scoop neck: Wetseal.
Black cropped blazer: ?
Hair bow: Hobby Lobby
Floral Sneakers: Ked's knockoffs bought at Payless.

Quote of the Day:
"  Everybody's talking how I can't, can't be in love. But I want, want, want to be in love. Want to be in love for real." Be Be Your Love by Rachael Yamagata.

May the force be with you,
Mia <3

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stray Cat Strut

Rockabilly is one of my favorite ways to dress. I love the fun colours, the full skirts, and all the bows. Its a fun way to stand out:)
The best colour combination EVER. 'Nuff Said.
Little white dresses have been gaining popularity recently. This is a fun way to update one, in a carefree retro way. 
This rockabilly with a modern, spunky spin. I luv these shoes, they remind me of saddle shoes.
This is more of a pin-up outfit, but its sassy and cute. I would wear this to the beach, or during the summer.
  This is rockabilly Audrey, down to the tiara. I love this look, its equal parts fun and classy.

 What I'm wearing today:
Today I was going for nautical with a twist hence the classic combo of denim and stripes mixed with fun leopard accessories.
My Outfit Info:
Jean jacket: Vintage Levi's
Red striped dress: American Eagle
Flip flops: Kohl's
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21

Quote of the day:
"Everybody here seems to like to laugh, either step in time or just don't hang around". Going Down to Laurel by Steve Forbert
Mia <3

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bohemian Rhapsody

I luv being a summer Hippy. Its not fussy, I luv the mystery that comes with a drape-y, floaty dress or skirt.
This is my take on a classic Hippy look. I've glammed it up a little with the wedges, and the polished accessories, but the lace dress, the flower and butterfly accessories, and the flower crown make it fit for any flower child.

Mint is soo in this year, which makes me really happy because: 1) its such an uncommon,funky colour, and 2) it makes me think of Andy's Candies, which makes me think of chocolate (chocolate is always a mood booster:) ). I LUV these earrings, 'cause I luv anything with feathers!
The flowers! The feathers! The wedges! I LUV this outfit so much, even though it is another glam boho outfit. I like the ruffles on this dress, but I think it might look funny on me (LOL!).
This is an easy boho outfit that anyone could easily put together. All you need is a loose, vividly coloured dress and neutral sandals. Add an interestingly shaped ring, wavy hair, and a wrap bracelet, and viola! Insta-hippy! (I crack myself up!)
I wear A LOT of black. Prob too much. While I luv black cause its chic and classic (not to mention slimming!), it is possible to make it boho. Just add turquoise accessories that nod to Native American designs. I luv dream-catchers, and I have a pair of dream-catcher earrings that would match this necklace perfectly!

 So, I've decided to start adding my outfit for the day to my posts. This exactly mine, except for the fact that my dress is navy/ white polka dots. I wanted to mix polka dots, leopard, and floral for an 80's look. I wore my jean jacket cuffed, and wore all my bracelets on one wrist. I actually really like this outfit, and I wouldn't be suprised if I wear it again in the future.

 Quote of the day:
"I dug a hole inside my heart to put you in your grave. At this point it was you or me, and Momma didn't raise no slave. You took my face in both your hands, and looked me in the eye. And I went down with such a force that in your grave I lie." Raise Hell by Brandi Carlile.

Ta ta for now,
Mia <3

California Dreamin'

I've been really dreaming of California right now. So, to cheer myself up, I did what I always do when I'm upset: turn to clothes. I've reworked my closet, created new summery  looks, and created Polyvore collages. These collages are very California-y, which I love right now.
This summer, I'm going for retro, eclectic looks. I'm really liking the idea of mixing fun colours and patterns together, and wearing a bikini instead of a bra (haha).

 Quote of the day:
"In an age where we are led to believe we can be anything wish, the thing that most eludes us is ourselves" The Outer Limits, episode: Skin Deep.
Catch ya on the flip side,
Mia <3

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Style Icon

My style icon for this week is Elizabeth Taylor.
Elizabeth Taylor was absolutely gorgeous. Her features were perfect, and her eyes were incredibly striking.
I love this picture. Her outfit is carefree and stylish. Its also perfect for what I'm going for right now with its retro-style bathing suit or bustier top and high-waisted, belted bottoms. Add beach-y hair and a sultry expression, and you have a perfect combination.
Top Ten Quotes by Elizabeth Taylor
This is an amazing photo. There are not words for how beautiful she was.
Remembering Elizabeth Taylor

Not only was Taylor beautiful, she exuded an amazing confidence.
Elizabeth Taylor

I think that style icons makes fashion something that connects the present to the past. I look to them for inspiration in style of dress, hair and makeup, and sometimes the way they hold themselves.
Liz Taylor's confidence inspires me to try to hold myself better. If you act like you're something, you are something.

Keep crazy lovebirds!
Mia <3

Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekly Wishlist

This is what I'm craving this week:
I love this dress. Its very Wednesday Adams, but the black lace and its short length make it both girly and hard core. I would pair this dress with a red hair bow and broken-in Dr. Martin's.
TS Pearl Embellished Dress
This dress is really cute, but for what I'm into this week, I would add some really high heels, and maybe even a distressed leather or jean jacket. I do like her hair flower however.
Dotty Dress

I think that red skinnies are totally versatile and can work for so many styles. Right now I would pair these with strappy, black platform sandals and tie-neck polka dot blouse. Or I would wear it with black Dr. Martins and a sheer white button-down with a colourful or brightly coloured bustier underneath.
Whistles Coloured Skinny Jeans
I love a good leather jacket. Right now I'm really digging a tough leather jacket with a girly dress and pretty heels. I especially like this one with its asymmetrical style, its sharp collar, and its quilted shoulders.
Leather Biker Jacket
So, I really like this shirt a lot. I like that its sheer and has an asymmetrical hem. I would wear it with a full high-waisted skirt and polka dot heels. I even think it would look hot with a pair of cropped or cuffed jeans and lace-up booties.
Back for Noir Top

 I love wedges for many reasons, one of the biggest being that they are so comfortable. I can wear 5 inch wedges all day, and my feet don't hurt nearly as much as they do when I'm wearing regular heels. Needless to say, I love these red wedges, and they are the perfect accessory for an all-black ensemble.
Writer's Colorblock Wedge
I think that these have a modern feel that would be the perfect addition to a swing dress or a pair of slim, black cigarette pants.
Milan My Way Heel

Stay crazy, kids!
Mia <3

Sunday, July 1, 2012

This Week's Ispiration

 Audrey Hepburn in "Sabrina". I love that this dress has a classic style, but it has a modern skirt hem. I also love the details, and the pattern. I just love Audrey's hair style in this movie, and the retro details are one of the things I am loving so much. 

I made these yesterday on my new love, Polyvore. They are exactly what my inspiration is for this week: equal parts girly, punky, and retro.  I am especially looking for retro cuts paired with hard-rock shoes and fun colours. 
First of all, I absolutely love Ginger Rogers. Secondly, I love,love, love this dress with its sequins and its sheer detailing. Thirdly, I love her hair and her hat. Actually, I'm kind of wishing I had it right now...