Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bohemian Rhapsody

I luv being a summer Hippy. Its not fussy, I luv the mystery that comes with a drape-y, floaty dress or skirt.
This is my take on a classic Hippy look. I've glammed it up a little with the wedges, and the polished accessories, but the lace dress, the flower and butterfly accessories, and the flower crown make it fit for any flower child.

Mint is soo in this year, which makes me really happy because: 1) its such an uncommon,funky colour, and 2) it makes me think of Andy's Candies, which makes me think of chocolate (chocolate is always a mood booster:) ). I LUV these earrings, 'cause I luv anything with feathers!
The flowers! The feathers! The wedges! I LUV this outfit so much, even though it is another glam boho outfit. I like the ruffles on this dress, but I think it might look funny on me (LOL!).
This is an easy boho outfit that anyone could easily put together. All you need is a loose, vividly coloured dress and neutral sandals. Add an interestingly shaped ring, wavy hair, and a wrap bracelet, and viola! Insta-hippy! (I crack myself up!)
I wear A LOT of black. Prob too much. While I luv black cause its chic and classic (not to mention slimming!), it is possible to make it boho. Just add turquoise accessories that nod to Native American designs. I luv dream-catchers, and I have a pair of dream-catcher earrings that would match this necklace perfectly!

 So, I've decided to start adding my outfit for the day to my posts. This exactly mine, except for the fact that my dress is navy/ white polka dots. I wanted to mix polka dots, leopard, and floral for an 80's look. I wore my jean jacket cuffed, and wore all my bracelets on one wrist. I actually really like this outfit, and I wouldn't be suprised if I wear it again in the future.

 Quote of the day:
"I dug a hole inside my heart to put you in your grave. At this point it was you or me, and Momma didn't raise no slave. You took my face in both your hands, and looked me in the eye. And I went down with such a force that in your grave I lie." Raise Hell by Brandi Carlile.

Ta ta for now,
Mia <3

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