Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekly Wishlist

This is what I'm craving this week:
I love this dress. Its very Wednesday Adams, but the black lace and its short length make it both girly and hard core. I would pair this dress with a red hair bow and broken-in Dr. Martin's.
TS Pearl Embellished Dress
This dress is really cute, but for what I'm into this week, I would add some really high heels, and maybe even a distressed leather or jean jacket. I do like her hair flower however.
Dotty Dress

I think that red skinnies are totally versatile and can work for so many styles. Right now I would pair these with strappy, black platform sandals and tie-neck polka dot blouse. Or I would wear it with black Dr. Martins and a sheer white button-down with a colourful or brightly coloured bustier underneath.
Whistles Coloured Skinny Jeans
I love a good leather jacket. Right now I'm really digging a tough leather jacket with a girly dress and pretty heels. I especially like this one with its asymmetrical style, its sharp collar, and its quilted shoulders.
Leather Biker Jacket
So, I really like this shirt a lot. I like that its sheer and has an asymmetrical hem. I would wear it with a full high-waisted skirt and polka dot heels. I even think it would look hot with a pair of cropped or cuffed jeans and lace-up booties.
Back for Noir Top

 I love wedges for many reasons, one of the biggest being that they are so comfortable. I can wear 5 inch wedges all day, and my feet don't hurt nearly as much as they do when I'm wearing regular heels. Needless to say, I love these red wedges, and they are the perfect accessory for an all-black ensemble.
Writer's Colorblock Wedge
I think that these have a modern feel that would be the perfect addition to a swing dress or a pair of slim, black cigarette pants.
Milan My Way Heel

Stay crazy, kids!
Mia <3

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