Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Style Icon

My style icon for this week is Elizabeth Taylor.
Elizabeth Taylor was absolutely gorgeous. Her features were perfect, and her eyes were incredibly striking.
I love this picture. Her outfit is carefree and stylish. Its also perfect for what I'm going for right now with its retro-style bathing suit or bustier top and high-waisted, belted bottoms. Add beach-y hair and a sultry expression, and you have a perfect combination.
Top Ten Quotes by Elizabeth Taylor
This is an amazing photo. There are not words for how beautiful she was.
Remembering Elizabeth Taylor

Not only was Taylor beautiful, she exuded an amazing confidence.
Elizabeth Taylor

I think that style icons makes fashion something that connects the present to the past. I look to them for inspiration in style of dress, hair and makeup, and sometimes the way they hold themselves.
Liz Taylor's confidence inspires me to try to hold myself better. If you act like you're something, you are something.

Keep crazy lovebirds!
Mia <3

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